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Professor Neil Forbes, Director of Research, Coventry University

We are all aware how the pace of technological innovation is accelerating: new inventions, techniques and processes come along at an ever-increasing pace. Indeed, the application of the latest digital techniques underpin the development of BT Digital Archives. The use of web-based tools now plays a key role in education, learning and development.

An important aspect of this online archive is, therefore, the opportunity it provides to those engaged in studying and learning: BT Digital Archives adds significantly to the online resources available to the education world – especially the further and higher education sectors - by offering scientific, cultural and historical material for use by teachers, students, practitioners and researchers all over the world.

We present here four case studies (or resource-packs) as examples of how BT Digital Archives can be used to help learners studying specific topic areas.

However, disciplines ranging from graphic and industrial design and engineering to computer studies, linguistics, social and economic history, business studies, sociology, health-related subjects and education studies will all find considerable value in working with these materials.

BT Digital Archives reveals that the interaction between technology – in this case the development of telecommunications – and society, and the impact and influence of the one upon the other, is not a new phenomenon. Using the online materials offered here will help students broaden their skills and capabilities and allow them to work more effectively at the intersection of disciplines – qualities evermore in demand in today’s world.

We hope you find the case studies useful and should you want to add to the academic resources, contact BT Archives.

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